Parents are an essential part of our cooperative environment and fulfill their responsibilities through committee membership or taking on specific tasks.

These include:

  • Fundraising
  • Tech support
  • Buying food
  • Gardening
  • Repairing books
  • Building and grounds crew

Weekend Cleaning & School-Wide Beginning of the Year Work Party

Each family is assigned to clean the school two-three weekends per year. Two families share this task each weekend, which allows families to get to know one another and develop relationships.

In August, parents and teachers work together to get the school ready for the September opening at a school-wide work party.

Preschool Events

Community-wide events are held throughout the year. These events foster a strong sense of community and support our financial aid fundraising efforts. Recent events include wine tasting, ice skating party, dads’ night out, and a puppet/pancake breakfast.

Preschool Council

Parents and teachers are members of the Preschool Council which meets quarterly. One parent from each family should attend.

At these meetings, parents and teachers discuss issues and vote on important decisions concerning the school. Teachers describe what is going on in the classroom. Sometimes a speaker will give a presentation and lead a discussion on a topic of interest to the parents.

Parent Testimonials

“Our family sent both of our daughters to The Children’s Preschool, and it was the best possible experience our whole family could have had. It is a very warm and cozy atmosphere to grow up in, and the teachers are loving, fun and wise. The thoughtful way in which the children sing, play, create and rest every day shows how the Preschool really understands what children need to grow and thrive. We love returning to visit this little gem of a school—it’s a very special place!” – EB

“As a lifelong resident of the New Haven area, I couldn’t imagine sending our kids to preschool anywhere else. After all, TCP is still the same nurturing, play-based, community-driven learning environment led by amazing teachers that it was when I attended thirty-something years ago. Three kids and six years later, I know we made the right choice. Just as it did when I was a child, TCP has again created enduring friendships for both children and parents, and our older kids love any excuse to come back to their favorite school with their younger sister. The difference between TCP and other preschools is the depth of the community connection and the collaborative ethos led by wonderful and experienced teachers. Believe me, I know, because some of them were my teachers too!” – PH