Curriculum & Philosophy

We believe, as psychologist Jean Piaget stated, that play is the work of childhood.

Through play, children explore, discover, create, express themselves, master skills, solve problems, and make friends. Our program honors this time-tested philosophy by offering thoughtfully planned, flexible, hands-on activities in literacy, art, math, cooking, science, music, movement, and other areas. Teachers organize activities and set up indoor and outdoor environments so that children have opportunities to play by themselves, in small groups, or in large groups.

Through our curriculum we foster and encourage the development of the following values and goals:
• Cooperation and respect
• Self-awareness, empathy, and expression
• Emerging initiative and independence
• Solving problems
• Physical development
• Preparation for kindergarten

As a part of the curriculum, we occasionally take walks in the neighborhood to explore and look for bird’s nests, fall/spring colors, etc. Sometimes we walk to neighborhood parks or the neighborhood fire station. We may even take a special trip to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History!